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  • acrylic artwork named Atlantic


    Get lost in the sea of vibrant blue and teal. This piece will take you into a paradise, have you forgetting your troubles and dreaming. Take her home today!

  • acrylic art named Faded


    Get lost in this abstract paradise. What does it remind you of? View from space? The ocean? Vibrant colors will have you mesmerized.

  • Galactic

    Looking for something a little glam? I’ve got your back! Acrylic, silicone, glitter and resin on canvas. Ohh, she’s quite the diva and ready for you.¬† Right now she’s unframed¬† but we can always style her up in one if you’re wanting it.

  • Golden

    Why not get lost in this galaxy of abstract creativity. Make a bold statement with this gorgeous piece today!

  • Rise

    Be bold. Meet “Rise”. She’s got incredible spirit. She’ll surely lift your spirits and inspire you to step out of those comfort zones. Acrylic on canvas.

  • The Phoenix

    Why hello sexy! This acrylic on canvas abstract painting is filled with spunk and fun. She’s got texture and grooves to keep your attention. She’ll bring your room to life.