The Journey


“The Journey” Original Watercolor – Painted by Keri Sackowski



Our life path isn’t always linear. There are hills, valleys, twists and turns throughout the process. Sometimes we may question, resist or delight in it. Just depends on where you are on the journey. Either way, there’s one truth. It’s always going to be a mix of emotions. Highs and lows. It’s important to stay strong especially when we’re in the lows. Those are the moments that test us and make us even better. We’re stronger for it and it makes the highs even more bittersweet. Wherever you are now…just know that it’s right where you’re meant to be. Remember to breathe. You’ve got this!

Original Watercolor
Cold Press 140 pound watercolor block sheet
Framed, Matted and Signed
12″ x 16″ Framed