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  • acrylic artwork named Atlantic


    Get lost in the sea of vibrant blue and teal. This piece will take you into a paradise, have you forgetting your troubles and dreaming. Take her home today!

  • watercolor of avocado


    Have a slight obsession with avocados? Then this is the piece for you! Simple, delightful and fun. She’ll make the perfect companion in your kitchen or office.

  • Believe

    What if everything you’ve ever wanted was on the other side of doubt and fear? What if you settled in the roller coaster we call life? Raise your hands in the air and get ready for the most exciting time of your life!

    Knowing that the ups and downs, twists and turns were all a part of your incredible journey. Taking you to where you were meant to be? The belief in knowing it will all work out for you. Belief that you DO have everything you’ve ever needed.

  • Bloomed

    Isn’t it incredible how a seed breaks through the earth to produce a delicate, beautiful, and vibrant flower?

    Let it be a reminder that when life feels heavy, you will find the strength and courage to rise. You are a light. A being full of life to give. A high vibrational energy.

    Go ahead. Bloom.

  • line art known as crash


    Let the waves take you away to the salt life. This piece is a beautiful mix of line art and watercolor. It’s a beauty and she’s ready for YOU. Comes fully matted and framed.

  • acrylic art named Faded


    Get lost in this abstract paradise. What does it remind you of? View from space? The ocean? Vibrant colors will have you mesmerized.

  • Galactic

    Looking for something a little glam? I’ve got your back! Acrylic, silicone, glitter and resin on canvas. Ohh, she’s quite the diva and ready for you.  Right now she’s unframed  but we can always style her up in one if you’re wanting it.

  • line art known as ghostly


    Don’t let this ghost get away! This fun and festive Halloween line art will have you smiling all season long. Better pair it up with the “Haunted” and “Skully” line art pieces, that’s if they’re still available. Hurry, this piece won’t be around for long.

  • Golden

    Why not get lost in this galaxy of abstract creativity. Make a bold statement with this gorgeous piece today!

  • Grace


    When everything around you seems to fall apart. Remember to have Grace. It’s the power to help us do what we could never do on our own. Believing the universe truly has your back.

  • watercolor of white buildings with plants and partial ocean view


    Sail away to a Grecian paradise. This breezy watercolor will have you dreaming of calming oceans and light breezes.

  • water color of van camper in the woods


    Let me wander into the depths of the forest. This cute painting will have you dreaming of a gypsy vacay.